Sustainable trail solutions: Engineering accessibility for all.

Trail Construction

Planning, design, and creation of pathways we create trails that enhance outdoor experiences and connect communities.

Waypoint Marking

Signs and symbols that guide travelers and enhance safety and navigation throughout the journey.

Outdoor Facilities

Thoughtfully designed and constructed to meet the unique needs and enhance the enjoyment of publics spaces.

Trailhead Construction

Parking lots, information kiosks, restrooms, and other amenities to accommodate and orient users as they begin their outdoor adventure.

Trail Reclamation

Preserving quality by clearing debris, repairing surfaces, maintaining proper drainage, and regularly inspecting for wear and tear.

We build and maintain accessible trails and outdoor facilities for your communities.

We are a Colorado based organization that is committed to inspiring others to stay connected through the design, construction and collaborative development of outdoor trails and facilities.

Our work is thoughtful and thorough so that others can have a safe and enjoyable, outdoor experience.

Just like the communities we serve, let us stay connected with you!

Current Projects

Stairway To Heaven - Central City, CO

Proud to announce the development and construction of Central City, CO’s “Stairway to Heaven” a hiking trail with over a quarter mile of stairs with 300 feet of elevation change. This trail is currently in progress as we install over 140,000 pounds of large format tinder stairs and 600 tons of gravel. read more about it!

Completion timeframe – September, 2023

Outdoor Recreation Resources

Safe and enjoyable outdoor experiences are our #1 focus. Check out the free
resources we’ve created below to ensure that you have a great time!